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Womens Health

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Services in Conroe

Relieve the symptoms related to childbirth and aging to enjoy life like you used to. Mona-Laser Med Spa offers you the CO2RE® Intima, a non-surgical treatment that restores the skin tone, texture, and appearance of your intimate area.

CO2RE® Intima is a quick, non-surgical in-office laser procedure to restore vaginal health. The system treats dryness, itching, pain, skin tone, and flexibility in 3 areas of the female genitalia: The vaginal canal, the external vulva (labia), and the introitus (the opening to the vaginal canal.)


How Does It Work?

In the External Area

The CO2RE Intima hygienic, single-use handpiece comes into contact with the area of skin to be treated to delivers gentle laser energy, this produces an effect of remodeling of labial and vulvar tissue fibers, restoring flexibility and shape. The treatment can also address skin discoloration and skin pigmentation resulting in improved texture and tone.

In the Internal Area

The laser energy is delivered through a tube attached to a hygienic, single-use laser handpiece that is inserted into the vaginal canal. The laser acts on the vaginal wall in a 360-degree manner, stimulating the body’s healing response to enhance moisture levels in the vaginal canal and the remodeling of the vaginal tissue fibers, restoring their flexibility and shape. Enhance your sexual functioning, improve your sexual experience, and find vaginal cosmetic improvement and confidence. Talk to one of the specialists at Mona-Laser Med Spa now.


Mona-Laser Med Spa uses the CO2RE Intima technique which is one of the best vaginal rejuvenation services, Conroe for serving the female clients. This technique is safe and non surgical in approach. The carbon dioxide laser enters the tissues and initiates the growth of the collagen tissue. There is reinitiation and growth of the superficial and the deeper layers of the skin after the application of the laser.

The vaginal rejuvenation technique is very effective for treating the internal and the external regions with the re-growth of the blood vessels and the tissues. The growth of the collagen causes the development of elasticity in the vaginal tissues. This technique is very effective for treating loss of vaginal elasticity, lack of vaginal lubrication, and painful intercourse problems. Order and obtain the best vaginal rejuvenation services, Conroe from the Mona-Laser Med Spa.

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