Pampering ourselves is one of the best ways to practice self-care. When you schedule a spa day, you not only disconnect from the daily stress but you also get a boost of energy that helps you recharge. Some treatments have amazing health benefits, besides being relaxing. At the end of the day, our bodies are a single unit and whatever is good for our physical health has a positive impact on our mental state.

If you’re looking for a treatment that will relieve respiratory ailments and certain skin conditions while also boosting your immune system, we recommend halotherapy. Salt therapy benefits our health in many ways. For people who suffer from seasonal allergies and the common cold, halotherapy could be a great choice for them.

What is halotherapy?

Halo comes from the Greek word for salt. This practice is an alternative treatment that involves breathing salt inside a halotherapy chamber. The idea is to replicate natural salt mines along with a halogenerator – which is used to crush the salt into small particles that will then be breathed in.

A little bit of history

We’ve known about salt therapy benefits for a while now. In 1843, Polish doctor Feliks Boczkowski observed that salt miners from Wieliczka Salt Mines didn’t experience respiratory diseases like other miners. Then, during World War II, German doctor Karl Hermann saw the same with his patients, who were hiding in a salt mine from bombs. They noticed that inside these salt caves, their patients’ respiratory health was greatly improved from being there.

How does it work?

The salt particles are released into the chamber and when you inhale, it acts like a sponge. Salt absorbs allergens and irritants that are in your respiratory system. As a result, it reduces mucus and inflammation. Furthermore, it also benefits your skin by absorbing the debris that may be causing skin conditions. With its calming and detoxifying properties, you can certainly use it to keep yourself healthy during allergy and flu seasons.

By helping your immune and lymphatic system, you alleviate mild respiratory and skin conditions. Additionally, salt ions act as an air purifier that may increase your lung capacity, your energy, and improve your sleep. No treatment is magical however, so you need to combine the amazing benefits of halotherapy with good habits such as healthy eating, good sleep, and physical activity.

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