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Detox Sauna

Detox sauna

Sauna Detox allows your body to sweat out numerous toxins, including oils, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, and other substances from the skin through pores. However, individuals need to understand saunas and sweats are not the same. Sunlight saunas are effective for detoxing. It is believed that sweat from traditional Saunas are 95 to 97% water, with salt making up most of the remainder.


Steps to Sauna Detox

[evc_process number_of_columns=”four”][evc_process_item title=”Hydrate” text=”Before planning a sauna, ensure to increase your water intake. While our Sauna Detox is not harsh, you will still sweat. The sweat produced is 80-85% water, so it is essential to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated after the sauna session.”][evc_process_item title=”Time Limit” text=”The amount you spend in sauna detox sessions varies on your tolerance ability and the activity daily. To make your body accustomed to therapy, start with a 10-15 minutes session every other day and gradually increase the time towards a 40 minutes daily session. Understand your body and remain aware of excessive sweating. If you get symptoms like fatigue, nausea, or any flu during your session, it is recommended to discontinue.”][evc_process_item title=”Identify comfortable temperature” text=”Your session begins when the temperature reaches 100-degree F. The best experience happens between 100-degree and 130-degree F. We have a program that starts with high intensity to increase core temperature and then comes to a low, comfortable level.”][evc_process_item title=”Rinse off” text=”After every session, dry off your body with a towel. It is always recommended to let your body cool off naturally. End the session with a cold glass of water, and then take the day further.”][/evc_process]

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