CO2RE Intima can be life-changing for countless women. CO2RE Intima has become a popular vaginal rejuvenation procedure, it’s all about a tightening procedure. This procedure treats both the vulva area and the internal vaginal area.

Leading technology for optimal feminine wellness at any age by boosting women’s confidence.

CO2RE Intima is the key to achieve complete Vaginal Rejuvenation Services within 2-3 treatments to get optimal results, however, many women have seen improvements after the first treatment. This treatment comes along with several benefits for women’s intimate health that will be mentioned below.

Benefits of CO2RE Intima 

The CO2RE Intima laser treatment restores vaginal tone, flexibility, and shape. It’s a non-surgical, comfortable, painless and effective in-clinic laser procedure that can treat many gynaecological concerns such as dryness, irritation, urinary incontinence, lack of sexual pleasure or even impossible sex, loss of tone, discolouration, and laxity.

All of these difficulties can result from childbirth, menopause, trauma, loss of hormones and more. Luckily, all these concerns mentioned previously can be relieved with CO2RE Intima.

Clinically proven results of CO2RE Intima:

  • Relieves signs of childbirth and ageing.
  • Restores vaginal tone and sensitivity
  • Improve the appearance of external genitalia.
  • Improve sexual gratification.
  • You’ll enjoy life like you used to.

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Embrace Your Feminine Confidence! Restore Intimate Wellness With CO2RE Intima!

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