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Body Contouring Services Conroe

Body Contouring Services Conroe Area

Reshape your body and tighten your skin with no surgery and no downtime. Mona-Laser MedSpa provides you with body contouring services via Venus Legacy™. Attain a slimmer waistline, smoothen that stubborn cellulite, and improve circulation for a healthier skin.

Body Contouring Treatments

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Venus Legacy™

Venus Legacy™

  • Experience a completely pain-free treatment with no downtime and long-lasting results
  • Reduce appearance of fat pockets and cellulite.
  • Contours and tightens area for more definition.
  • Get results within 6 to 8 weekly treatments achieving optimal results within 2 to 3 months after last treatment.

How Does It Work?

Using the patented (MP)2 technology, the Venus Legacy™ combines radio frequency and electromagnetic fields to produce uniform heat under the surface of the skin. This causes a thermal reaction that stimulates a healing response from the body.

The entire process works to increase collagen levels and elastin fibers delivering a smoother skin as well as breaking down the volume of fat cells in the treated area.

Are you looking for a good body contouring services, Conroe? Our Mona-Laser Med Spa Company provides the best body contouring service. The experts working in this beautiful shop will reduce the amount of fat present on your waistline to give you a perfect shape. We use modern equipment to reduce the fat lumps present in your body. Improve your personality and get a new look by opting for the body contouring services, Conroe beauty solutions from us. Our shop uses the Venus Legacy technique for reducing the accumulation the deposition of the fat cells beneath the skin layer. The generation of heat reduces the fat present beneath the skin cells. Opt for our service and reduce the fat present in the different regions of your body like on stomach, waist, thighs, and hips.