Nowadays, if you scroll down through any gynecologist’s websites, you will find out the list of vaginal rejuvenation treatments. These will help women bring confidence, less pain, and comfort. One of these special treatments from the list is laser vaginal therapy.

It has inclusions for everything with the correct procedures for vagina, treatment, or tightening for lubrication. These are generally performed to rectify the issues that occur after the birth-giving process. These conditions are urinary incontinence, loosened vagina, lubricant absence, and others.

Why do women desire Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The vagina is nothing but just an elastic muscle. It can expand due to two reasons, age and childbirth. The expansion of the vagina in childbirth is obvious as the mother needs to push out the baby. Hormonal changes in age can also reduce the muscle’s strength and the connective tissues surrounding them.

In this case, the vagina may lose elasticity. In addition, lack of estrogen makes vaginal walls thin, which is where women desire vaginal rejuvenation services.

Negative Impacts of Loosened Vagina:

Loosening of the vagina is nothing to be ashamed of. However, no matters your age or whether you have given birth or not, the vaginal canal can still be affected.

It can sometimes have both psychological and physical negative impacts. It can physically affect the pleasure in sex and make it painful for either of the partners. At the same time, physiological issues have a compounding effect. You might feel bad about this situation of yours, which can also lead to mental pains.

How is Laser Therapy Useful for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal Rejuvenation Services can help women gain back the confidence that they might have lost due to vaginal discomfort or because of vaginal appearances. It will also help them with the solutions for decreased sexual desire or sensation that might have occurred due to childbearing. In addition, these services will help them with better orgasms, confidence boost, and sexual pleasures, improving the quality of their life.

  • The major six benefits of vaginal rejuvenation are:
  • Enhance in Sexual Gratifications,
  • Tailor to the individual needs,
  • Improve the sexual experiences,
  • Improve medical conditions like urinary incontinence,
  • It helps restore vaginal tightness,
  • And also helps improve the appearance of treated areas.

Are there any Side Effects?

There are limited side effects for laser vaginal therapySome women who have undergone the same have reported that they have faced some urinary tract issues, but only for a short time after the procedures. Also, this is the worst report of side effects by the undergone ones.

Most of the women are happy, and they do feel alive again with the same. Adding to it, they have the ability for tightened the vagina and complete their partner’s needs.

FAQs about Vaginal Laser Therapy:

  • How many sittings are required for the treatment?
  • The therapist will recommend you for 2-3 sittings to get the best results, with a gap of 4-6 weeks. After this, you need to follow an annual schedule for long assistance.
  • What are the patient’s experiences during treatments?
  • Patients only experience light pressure against their vaginal walls and increased sensitivities for a few days near openings.
  • How long does the treatment last?

Laser Vaginal Therapy has immediate results. You can notice the differences only after the first treatment, which will thus improve with more sittings. But it is advisable to repeat the treatments within a given time as the results may fade with time.

  1. After how many days can the sexual activity be resumed?
  2. The patient needs to avoid intercourse only for initial 3-4 days. Then, they can resume the same after treatments.
  3. What about the recovery?
  4. Most of the women might report slight un-comfort ability for a few days after the laser treatments. This might continue in the initial session days. And they can resume their normal routines only after 3-4 days.

Can CO2 Laser Be Considered as an Alternate for Laser Therapies?

Most of the firms that deal with vaginal rejuvenation services also have options for CO2 lasers. This treatment follows the insertion of a wand that will heat the vaginal tissues. This will force lower layers tissues to generate more collagen, making the skin tight and firm.

This can be the best alternate for laser therapies, as they both have almost the same results.

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